Menneske ikke robot

De siste dagene har verden vært hard.

Jeg glemmer at jeg har lov å feile og streve. At jeg er ikke perfekt.

Men det at jeg ikke er perfekt det gir meg muligheten for å være unik. Det er vel sant?

Hadde vi alle vært like ville det jo blitt kjedelig. Og vi hadde ikke hatt noe induvalitet ikke noe nytt.

Jeg som mange andre setter opp for store forventninger, og jeg som andre er redd for å skuffe de vi er glad i.


Never to old

Have you ever heard that you are to old to learn something?

I guess yes, as i also was told that. When i was around 17 i found out it could be interesting to try to learn to play the violin. After watching videos on youtube, i found a amazing artist. Her name is Lindsey Striling and her music showed me that learning a instument is not only to play classic music.

So i sended a sign up sheet to my local music school and also a email. Where i exsplaind that i wished to learn to play the violin. And guess what, some time after wards i got the news that they had accepted me. So i arrived a monday after non and started to learn the violin.

It was not easy, in the beginning it was not easy and i wanted more then once to stop as i thouth that i sounded terrible. That i had taken on something that would be impossible for me to master.  But luckly i managed to survive the first months. And it was after that that i started hearing my progress. It was amazing feeling when i played for the first time before people. Even if i was a nervwrack. Since i was the oldest there and i played in the beginning as those who was ten years younger then me.

But i dident give up and it was fun when the songs got harder and harder. As it was how i saw my progress best. It was when my music teacher gave me harder pices to learn. So dont give up even when people say that you are to old.

Now i am a proud owner of a electric violin that i got for my birthday, that i love. And i start feeling like Sharlock Holms as i now play on my own when i want. Since as i went abrod i had to quit music school.  Next violin i am going for is a aucustic one, but that can take some time.

If a music teacher reads this blogg, Thank you for taking your time to learn ous who are a bit older then the rest.


Shiny shiny

Shiny are the tails, made of love.

And I have a tail in progress in my room. Working on it to make it into a sequin tail. If you go and swim at the English merconvention you will see me. It will be blue and super shiny. Will post a photo in the coming days.

Missing the sea


Most children in one point in their life wished to become a mermaid/merman. Mabye after watching a movie about mermaids or hearing stories about them. How they swim gracefully in the sea and exsplores parts of the world that  few have seen.

I am a hobby freediver, and have done that for some years now. In the beginning i was a bit unconfortable under the water as i felt it would just consume me. And that i would one time not breake the thinn barrier between the worlds. But when i got back on land i wanted to go out there again. Since i found it so beatiful and calming.

When you dive your head under the water the sounds around you disipears. And you ae only left to the sound of your heart and your mind. Its then when yo go down and find the place where you can just stopp and rest almost. Weithless not going up or down you get hooked. The sea is a world that i love to exsplore. As it changes with the seasons and after storms.

I started freediving after i had tried diving with diver equipment. But i found it so clumsy and loud. Bouth of them have their own prons and cons. For me the possibility to swim up close to fishes and listen to the silence was a winner. In addition to get the possibility to get closer to the nature underwater you also have less limits then normal divers. Since a freediviver can swim until he gets tierd whilie divers have limitations on how many dives they can do and for how long they can go each time.

One day i found out about mermaiding. To litterly take on a tail and swim in a monofin its fintastic. I bouth my fist fabric tail actually before i started freediving. But i was to self-consius to actually swim in it in public that i swam when there was no one around. The fabric tail gave me a idea to invest in creating a tail out of latex. And i got some money from doing small jobs and i made a latex tail. It was a amazing feeling but it was my first tail i ever made so it dident look to good. And as with every prototype there where some problems so in the end it got to a state that i could not longer use it for swimming.  But then i dident have the money to create a better one.  Then i  also choose to study in a different country and live at campus so my plans creating a better tail got put on hold. Luckly there are people in this world that creats beatiful tails. With a tail i would preform children parties, appear on found raisers and mabye sell mermaid art. But before that can become reallity i need to earn some money. The money i have now goes into paying my tution fee and housing fee and most of my freetimes goes into studying. My studys are hard and i aim to get good grades. So i am afraid that if i get a part time job i will not be able to balance it well enouth to make it work.

But still i am looking forward to get to swim in the sea again. And also i am going to my first ever mermaid convention this year. It is next month on the 31. I am really looking forward to meet people i have been looking up to for a long time.

Help me get my own fins

Win a dream tail

c46d7c32481a7ebab78be79fcc6fc111finfolk creaters of dream tails, have this amazing lottery for the week, where you can actully win a silicone mermaid tail ❤

I have seen finfolks tails up close in person, and yes their tails look beatiful. If i hadent seen the people wearing them wiggel into it i would have thouth i was seeing a ilusino or something. With realistic scales, beatiful design and no visible seams and blended waist they make one look like the real deal.

Their tails are made out of dragon silicone, in other words its really a big prostetic.

Its 100% skinn safe. And will not cause a alergic reaction if you are not allergic to most types of silicones. The dragon silicone when cured gives of no toxic waist. So you can swim around in the sea with out fearing that it will polute the eco system that is there. If you dont ruin it by smashing or destorying it by force.

But a word of safty if you swim around in tails always have a friend with you that is not in tail. Since in silicone tails you have little chance to free your self if you where to get cramp. Also as you hold your breath you will be in danger to getting a shallow water black out. Meaning that you will either black out right under surface or when you breatch the surface. And swimming with your feets together in a monofin is not easy belive me.

If you wish to more know, comment and i will awnser as good as i can 🙂

Bubbely kisses

Mermaid Kathrin

Hear the silent scream

Have you ever seen a kid who looks down? Who walks alone? Who never talks?

And you just stand there and watch. You don’t want to be dragged into his problems you say. But if you asked him and listen to him. Maybe just once.

Don’t you think that it would make him feel a bit better. Not needing to keep all pain and all sorrow to him self. But don’t expect him to open up right away cause believe me wounded people need longer time to open up. If you meet me I can could tell you a lot about myself. But it does not mean I trust you. I have few people I can say I would trust them with my life. Since betrayal sets it’s deepest scars and it’s those that you can’t see that last the longest.


Welcome to my new blog where i will invite you to take part in my adventures. Where i wil discuss different topics, give you insides to my life as the owner of Viking Tails, and a bit about my life as a student that studies abroad , and a mermaid.

I hope to be able to raise money for a tail from this blogg, so i can get out into the sea and teach kids about water, hoste parties. And to become the first mermaid of my country that comes out to the public.