Win a dream tail

c46d7c32481a7ebab78be79fcc6fc111finfolk creaters of dream tails, have this amazing lottery for the week, where you can actully win a silicone mermaid tail ❤

I have seen finfolks tails up close in person, and yes their tails look beatiful. If i hadent seen the people wearing them wiggel into it i would have thouth i was seeing a ilusino or something. With realistic scales, beatiful design and no visible seams and blended waist they make one look like the real deal.

Their tails are made out of dragon silicone, in other words its really a big prostetic.

Its 100% skinn safe. And will not cause a alergic reaction if you are not allergic to most types of silicones. The dragon silicone when cured gives of no toxic waist. So you can swim around in the sea with out fearing that it will polute the eco system that is there. If you dont ruin it by smashing or destorying it by force.

But a word of safty if you swim around in tails always have a friend with you that is not in tail. Since in silicone tails you have little chance to free your self if you where to get cramp. Also as you hold your breath you will be in danger to getting a shallow water black out. Meaning that you will either black out right under surface or when you breatch the surface. And swimming with your feets together in a monofin is not easy belive me.

If you wish to more know, comment and i will awnser as good as i can 🙂

Bubbely kisses

Mermaid Kathrin