Never to old

Have you ever heard that you are to old to learn something?

I guess yes, as i also was told that. When i was around 17 i found out it could be interesting to try to learn to play the violin. After watching videos on youtube, i found a amazing artist. Her name is Lindsey Striling and her music showed me that learning a instument is not only to play classic music.

So i sended a sign up sheet to my local music school and also a email. Where i exsplaind that i wished to learn to play the violin. And guess what, some time after wards i got the news that they had accepted me. So i arrived a monday after non and started to learn the violin.

It was not easy, in the beginning it was not easy and i wanted more then once to stop as i thouth that i sounded terrible. That i had taken on something that would be impossible for me to master.  But luckly i managed to survive the first months. And it was after that that i started hearing my progress. It was amazing feeling when i played for the first time before people. Even if i was a nervwrack. Since i was the oldest there and i played in the beginning as those who was ten years younger then me.

But i dident give up and it was fun when the songs got harder and harder. As it was how i saw my progress best. It was when my music teacher gave me harder pices to learn. So dont give up even when people say that you are to old.

Now i am a proud owner of a electric violin that i got for my birthday, that i love. And i start feeling like Sharlock Holms as i now play on my own when i want. Since as i went abrod i had to quit music school.  Next violin i am going for is a aucustic one, but that can take some time.

If a music teacher reads this blogg, Thank you for taking your time to learn ous who are a bit older then the rest.



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